Fire and Ice Magazine did a write up about the revival of burlesque There is a write up about my inspiration and the beginning of my burlesque career. You can read this article at If you scroll down to the middle of the page, you will read the article written by Chelsea Callahan Thank you Chelsea Callahan!

Fire & Ice

By Chelsea Callahan

The word “burlesque” is defined in a couple ways if you Google it, but what it comes down to is some sort of parody or a comically exaggerated imitation of something, and most often these days that “something” is sexual. Fire & Ice has talked about “Steampunk” and the culture that has steamed out of it, but it is not the only underground and barely known lifestyle out there.

It wasn’t until Steve Antin’s film Burlesque in 2010 that we were forced to sit up and remember the art form. Burlesque returned to the world, revivified and full of all the glitz and glam it deserves in the 119 minutes worth of that movie.

Allie played by Christina Aguilera is the classic small town girl hoping to make it big in the big city, which in this case is Los Angeles. Allie is of course, like Aguilera’s…

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