mia loves henry miller – Letter 25 – London and Paris: Planes, Trains and Eating Mary Jane

mia loves henry miller

Letter 25 – London and Paris: Planes, Trains and Eating Mary Jane

“I think it was a happy thought to name you a ‘living book’. I can turn to you like a book, turn the pages of the few hours spent in your presence, and find there the joy and wisdom that is you…To be able to write to you, to know that you are still in the flesh, is a great comfort, a joy. Que le bon Dieu Benisse!” –from a letter to John Cowper Powys by Henry Miller, May 19th, 1950

1/11/2012/ 9:11 a.m.

Dear Henry Miller,

I fell asleep on the couch last night.  I worked on the mural project yesterday, and worked on some other art work in the evening.  I was so tired!  I didn’t even hear Mr. C leave for work at 4 a.m. this morning.  I think I fell asleep shortly after I got off the phone with Mr. B.

Mr. B’s been away on business.  He arrives early today.  We are going to spend a few nights together at the loft, while his wife is away – an opera in New York City.  I can hardly wait.   We always seem to binge on each other, gorging ourselves on sex, whenever we get a few nights together.   I’m definitely ready to play – to experience some long foreplay, some intense, erotic endorphin release and paramount orgasms!

The afternoon is damp, cold and gloomy, reminding me of my visit to London five years ago. This trip was a birthday gift (my birthday is Jan. 27) from Mr. B, five years ago.  He had to meet with an international literary agent, inviting me to join him.  I had never toured outside of the country.  I was very excited!

“If there is something wrong about our attitude toward sex then there is something wrong about our attitude toward money, toward work, toward play, toward everything.  How can one enjoy a good sex life if he has a distorted, unhealthy attitude toward other aspects of life?” –Henry Miller, The World of Sex

“Here,” Mr. B handed me a small, white pill, soon after our flight to London took off, “take this.  It will relax you and make you sleepy.  It’s a long flight.”

I didn’t think that I needed the sedative.  I was so excited the night before, I couldn’t sleep.  I remained awake, packing my suitcase, showering, and getting ready.  I’m already a bit drowsy.  I had to meet Mr. B at the airport at 5 a.m.  But, I trusted him, taking the pill, the chalky bitterness dissolving upon my tongue – washing it down with a sip of semi-hot, Earl Grey tea. Continue reading

mia loves henry miller – Letter 24 – Love Letters, Midnight to Paris, Erotic Fantasies and the Roaring Twenties

mia loves henry miller

Letter 24 – Love Letters, Midnight in Paris, Erotic Fantasies and the Roaring Twenties

 “That night I was going to hear Henry Miller speak at an acting class, my house burned down.  I didn’t go to the lecture, but a few weeks later I still wanted to meet him.  I began to ask around for his address so I could write to him. At the same time, I was trying to refurnish my home.  At an estate auction I discovered a first edition set of books titled Women through the Ages.  I took out one of the volumes, and there folded inside was a letter from Henry Miller to a woman.  How could I not bid on the books? Three thousand dollars later I owned them and had Miller’s address.  I wrote him, enclosing the letter I had found, as well as a few “actress” photographs of myself that I thought might pique his curiosity. A few days later, Henry sent the first of fifteen hundred letters he was to write to me.  We became good friends and, perhaps, even more.” —Brenda Venus, Dear, Dear Brenda


6:33 p.m.

Dear Henry Miller,

I wish that I would’ve been able to communicate to you via letters, when you were alive.  I would have savored and cherished the words you might have written to me in reply to my letters, upon paper.   Your past lovers, Brenda Venus, Hoki Tokunda, and Anais Nin were lucky to possess a bit of your soul, capturing your spirit with the words you once wrote to them in numerous letters. The great passion you possessed when you were alive, must have bled into the ink like deep, flowing blood. Continue reading