mia loves henry miller – Letter 16 – The Death of Kim Jong Il, My Korean Heritage, and My Life as a Liberated Woman Living in America

mia loves henry miller

Letter 16  The Death of Kim Jong Il, My Korean Heritage, and My Life as a Liberated Woman Living in America

12/19/01 – 9:17 a.m.

“I have said over and over again that I can understand a man committing murder in passion; if I were a judge I would condone such crimes. But I cannot bring myself to believe that killing indiscriminately in cold blood, which is what war entails, is justifiable.  As for killing an idea by killing the man who cherishes it, that to me is simply too preposterous for words.” –Henry Miller, Remember to Remember

Dear Henry Miller,

(I’m sorry – this letter is not laced with kinky, sexual stuff – but, it’s essential to my story)

I have a bitter taste of great dislike in my mouth for North Korea’s president, Kim Jong IL, who passed away yesterday from a heart attack, age 69.  I am an American citizen. I’m grateful that I do not have to live in the outrageous conditions of control, or the same state of fear Kim Jong IL and North Korea has instilled inside so many people, for so many decades.  But, I have extreme gratitude for my Korean ancestors and mother, who changed all of that for me and my present freedoms. Continue reading

mia loves henry miller – Letter 3 – Bondage A-Go-Go & Mindcaviar.com

mia loves henry miller

Letter 3 – Bondage A-Go-Go & Mindcaviar.com

(A majority of my blog is based on true events – however, there is much fiction intertwined in these stories)

My writing in blog form is raw…please forgive me, my readers. I’ve been up day and night editing the first fifty letters, which will be published in my first book. I wanted to re-post my letters one last time prior to removing them offline. These letters will be passed onto another editor and then will be uploaded as books on Amazon. My goal is to complete this task by my b-day, January 27. I hope that you will enjoy these letters, despite their imperfections. Sincerely, Mia Malone-Jennings

12/6/11 1:17 p.m.

(I’m taking a short break from painting)

Excerpt from Henry Miller’s Good friend and another writer, poet, Lawrence Durell.  I found this on the inside cover of Henry Miller’s book, Sexus.

“Miller has elected to shame the devil and tell the truth, and his work is one of the bravest, richest, and most consistent ventures in this domain since Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  By its very nature such a task must transgress the narrow limits of what ordinary people regard as permissible; canons of taste, conventional ideas of beauty and propriety, they must be renovated in the light of his central objective-the search for truth. Often the result is shocking, terrifying; but then truth has always been a fierce oracle rather than a bleat or a whimper.  But, no one, I think, could read (as I have done) through this whole length and breadth of his work without wonder and amazement- and finally without gratitude for what he has undertaken on behalf of all of us all.  It isn’t pretty, a lot of it, but then neither is real life. It goes right to the bone.” —Lawrence Durrell

I’m working on my third public letter to you via my wordpress.com blog.  It’s frightening enough to just write from the heart.  It’s even more so when you have a possible audience who can read things which you’ve never told anyone.  Only, but a few good, close friends.  I’m convincing myself to move forward without fear. Continue reading