Dear Henry, I am going to start posting some stuff I am uploading to Instagram to keep this blog going until I can post more letters.

I have a confession – an evil, guilty pleasure when I am completely, insanely, Pissed Off!!!!!! I answer my house phone You know, the one you shouldn’t answer… Fucking telemarketers! (I have Tourettes – sorry sensitive people – not sorry) I growl into the receiver – “What the fuck do you want? You have just called me on my worse day, you dip shit Get a real job. If you are calling for my children because they owe you money – they are too lazy to wipe they own ass! Good luck bitches!

I know….those poor people who call me on those really bad days of mine. Most often it is a recording and I am talking to no one. I hate when people waste my time with their bullshit! I have shit to do mother fuckers! It’s completely lunatic….I fucking know…..but I feel so much better after I hang up. If they are stupid enough to call me while I am trying to paint – and on my really bad days – when I am so broke I cannot afford to refill my estrogen patch…I can’t help what I am going to say when I answer the phone. You should see what a bitch I am when solicitors or religious people come to my door. I am who I am. I am made to only be around dogs. They don’t give a shit if I swear or if I am blunt. They don’t suck my energy like a vampire. My husband tells me not to answer the phone. I never listen. I always feel so much fucking better after I shout swear words into the phone. Sinister….Crazy…..Bizarre….Cheap Therapy. Fuck yes!

Much love, Mon Amour