mialoveshenrymiller – Letter 44 – A Bitch in Heat, Kinky Collars, and an Erotic Dinner on All Fours


Letter 44 – A Bitch in Heat, Kinky Collars, and An Erotic Dinner On All Fours

I’m writing this letter at 3/27/2012 at 11:53 p.m.

Dear Henry,

“Among painters as among writers there are those who stick to their guns, who follow the scent like bloodhounds, as it were, as there are others who sit like birds of prey on some imaginary limb or ledge, ready to pound on the happy accident which will lead them to some unknown, undreamed of destination.” –Henry Miller, Henry Miller, The Paintings of Henry Miller; Paint As You Like and Die Happy

I have been painting very long hours, which has consumed most of my last few days and nights.  I didn’t get much sleep last night.  I have two days left until I need to deliver my art work to the gallery.  I will be writing you this letter in tiny spurts, as I take a break from painting and rest my feet.  My legs, feet, hands, fingers and wrist hurt from standing so long, painting small details, and polishing each portrait, until each of them are completely finished.

It was this time last year, when I was up all night with my young daughter, helping to deliver my beautiful granddaughter into this world.  She is very precious to me and turned one year old yesterday.  I’m having a family party for her this coming Sunday.  I just ordered the food for the party and the cake this morning.  I did not think that I would enjoy being Nana Mia as much as I have.

“But, I felt my Master’s hands, soft hands, the hands of a gentleman, lifting me. I saw a little bath stall before me where a man waited with a brush and scrub bucket.” –Ann Rice, Beauty’s Punishment

I had a very interesting, sexy, submissive evening with Mr. B last night.  The memories have lingered in my mind most of today.  Lately, I have been reading a lot of books on erotica, especially when I rest, after painting for long hours, indulging in my long, hot baths.  Recently, I’ve been enamored with Molly Weatherfield’s erotic s/m novel, Carrie’s Story.  Her well written erotic story has had me yearning to explore further, plunge deeper and explore vaster into my BDSM, role play experience. Continue reading