mia loves henry miller – Letter 27 – Lesson in Trust with Mr. C

I am reblogging my first collection of Letters to Henry Miller, via blog, as I finish the last letter in this first collection of erotic letters written to Henry Miller. This review of stimulating letters will end with Letter 50. Once I finish editing my manuscript and prepare my book for publishing, this first collection of letters will be removed from my blog web site Mialoveshenrymiller.com and transcend into a book. Once this is complete I will begin writing, Mia Loves Henry Miller, Book 2, beginning with Letter 51 – Thank you for all of my readers support.

mia loves henry miller

mia loves henry miller

Letter 27  Lesson in Trust with Mr. C

“Sure, what’s wrong with being mothered? I spoke of this in a piece I did about love a while back (MLLE, January, 1964) What’s a woman’s value, if it isn’t a force tying men to life, inspiring them to be vital and creative, soothing them when they came home, as they often do,  with their tails between their legs?  There’s something ridiculous about the way so many pompous men regard woman as helpless things who need protection from the world.  A real woman needs no protection.  She doesn’t live in a man’s shadow.  She turns on the light.  And having such an all-women women can make a life or death difference in the way a man lives.” –Henry Miller, Conversations with Henry Miller, Edited by Frank L. Kersnowski and Alice Hughes

1/16/12 – 9:41 a.m.

Dear Henry…

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mia loves henry miller – Letter 39 – He’s Married to a Mafia Princess, Crazy Cunnilingus, and Extreme Intoxication at the Palomino Club

mia loves henry miller

Letter 39 – He’s Married to a Mafia Princess, Crazy Cunnilingus, and Extreme Intoxication at the Palomino Club

“My books seem like someone else’s work now. Sometimes I wonder, did I write this or that? Was it I writing about myself or was it somebody else writing about me?” –Henry Miller, quotes on page 116 in the book, Henry Miller Full of Life, A Memoir of America’s Uninhibited Literary Genius, by Kathryn Winslow

2/20/2012 – 8:48 p.m.

Dear Henry Miller,

I’m at letter thirty-nine in less than three months time.  I have only eleven more letters to write before I compile all of these letters to publish my first book, Mia Loves Henry Miller – Volume One.  It’s nice to come close to reaching a goal of mine, after many years of dreaming about it.  I still have so many topics I want to discuss with you, and it is the reason why I will continue writing these letters and publish another fifty of them as a second novel, Mia Loves Henry Miller – Volume 2, to accompany this first book, somewhere in the near future.

“The reason Henry painted nude figures and covered up heads was because clothing and hair were too difficult for him to do. He omitted ears for the same reason. The emphasis was on the eyes, which he especially liked to paint-in his way, as orbs without lids or lashes. Sometimes he threw in a few eyes here and there on the paper.” –Kathryn Winslow, Henry Miller: Full of Life, A Memoir of America’s Uninhibited Literary Genius

Today, I’ve been painting a large portrait of Prince for a majority of the day and listening to one of my favorite author’s J.D. Robb on Audio Book.  Lieutenant Eve Dallas kicks major ass! I listen to J.D. Robb’s books over and over again.  I never get tired of J.D. Robb’s talent and the person who reads this intriguing, ingenious detective series. Susan Erickson has a multi – talented voice!  She mesmerizes me, sucking me in, making me lose track of time as I paint away.  She is seriously iced!  Being seriously iced is a good thing in Lieutenant Eve Dallas’ gritty, crime ridden realm and part of this futuristic world’s sci-fi lingo, which I love. Continue reading