About Mia

A majority of these experiences and letters are based on actual true events in my life.  However, there is a lot of fiction interlaced with this erotic collection of letters to the late artist and author, Henry Miller, who was also known for having a love affair with author, Anais Nin in Paris, long ago.  I fell in love with Henry Miller’s letter writing over a decade ago, and the stories he wrote about his sexual and enlightening life.  This erotic collection of letters on my blog remain posted in a raw, rough draft format.  The first collection of fifty letters were written from December 2011 to December 2012.  It took me one year to write these letters to Henry Miller.  I wrote it as I lived my intriguing, passionate life, moment to moment.  Whenever I found small segments in my day,  I would often write a string of several sentences, long or short paragraphs, and pages full of my words and story. I found elation as my finger tips flew over the keys of my computer keyboard. It was bliss.

My first book of fifty letters to Henry will be different from my blog on wordpress.com.

For approximately ten years, I have been a huge Henry Miller fan. I began my large collection of Henry Miller books with a first edition, hard cover copy of Letters to Hoki Tokunda, which I received as a Mother’s Day gift many years ago.  It was a first edition book.  As if my mind was a moth hypnotized to a burning flame, I became immediately enamored with Henry Miller’s writing.  Since then, my collection of Henry Miller books is vast and I deeply cherish them all! .

This collection of letters written to HM is about my life as a wife, a mother, a lover, a past, Bondage A Go-Go Dancer at Ground Zero Nightclub in Ne Minneapolis, a submissive to a very beautiful, infamous fetish model and a dominatrix. Mistress Jean Bardot.  These letters also depict my life as the owner and producer of a popular, burlesque show, the life of a Minneapolis burlesque starlet, a magician, an erotic writer, poet and artist.

My erotic writing and art work has been published in many publications, anthologies, book covers, and e-zines, such as MindCaviar.com, Voracitybeat.com, an anthologies by Justus Roux, Erotic Tales and Erotic Tales of the Paranormal. I also have an erotic collection of poetry, Whispers From Venus, in e-book form, published by Renaissance e-books.

My life can be very exciting at times.  My life can also be very busy attempting to juggle my life.  However, I wouldn’t change my life and the roads I travel upon.  In the end, all that matters is that I have made myself happy and how I fulfilled my dreams.  And that I lived a passionate and dramatic life.  If my words defiles the moral of conventional others, so be it.  I have no control over how others may think or live their lives without a deep, sense of self liberation.  I immensely enjoy the path that I’m on.   Some of my letters will include sexual, erotic, fetish, or edgy content.  I have thought about these letters for a long time, deciding whether I would reveal all of my life or not.   I am at the point in my life that I will not fear what others will think of me.  Hopefully, I will encourage others to be exactly who they are and live their lives to the fullest.

I hope you enjoy my journey as I reveal it through my letters to Henry Miller, as much as I have enjoyed traveling upon it my path and living an amazing life!

Please feel free to visit my art web site miamalonejennings.com

Sincerely, Mia Malone – Jennings

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