Mia Loves Henry Miller Update

Mia Loves Henry Miller Update.

I would sincerely like to thank my viewers and readers who visited my blog over the past year.  I have never written a blog before.  So I began blindly.  This blog is written in a raw, unedited form.   These letters are now transcending into a book.  Much of the information you have read, will be omitted and the format of my letters will change, in order to put some order into the chaos.   Thank you to all the readers who continued to follow me as I lived my life over the course of the past year.   This project has been a passion of love for me.  I must begin my long day of editing these letters.   I am also currently working on Letter 51.   These past fifty letters will be removed shortly, from my blog site, Mia loves Henry Miller.com.  Soon, a new beginning to a new collection of erotic letters to Henry Miller will begin.

Thank you again to my reader, fans, friends, and the late artist and author, Henry Miller.

Very Sincerely,


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