mia loves henry miller – Letter 28 – Mr. California Man, A Glance at the Past: Tainted Love

I am reblogging my first collection of Letters to Henry Miller, via blog, as I finish the last letter in this first collection of erotic letters written to Henry Miller. This review of stimulating letters will end with Letter 50. Once I finish editing my manuscript and prepare my book for publishing, this first collection of letters will be removed from my blog web site Mialoveshenrymiller.com and transcend into a book. Once this is complete I will begin writing, Mia Loves Henry Miller, Book 2, beginning with Letter 51 – Thank you for all of my readers support.

mia loves henry miller

mia loves henry miller

Letter 28 – Mr. California Man, A Glance at the Past: Tainted Love

1/17/12- 9:15 a.m.

“In the end you have to come back to yourself. It has got to be you doing something whatever you decide upon.  Do what you think you have to do and don’t try to follow somebody else’s pattern because he was successful. You can’t be that way.  You are you. You’re absolutely unique and each one has his own destiny. We can learn as much as we wish, listen to the greatest masters and so on, but what we do, what we become, is determined by our character.  It is impossible to transmute the bad into the good, the wrong into the right. There is always this possibility.  It would be an utterly uninteresting world if everything remained what it seemed to be. I do believe in transmutation. For example…

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