mia loves henry miller – Letter 9 – Missing: Sexy, Black Bustier

I am re-posting my past blogs in order as I write the last letter in this collection of letters to Henry Miller – Letter 50…so that new readers or readers who have not followed my letters from the beginning can easily read this blogs before they are removed offline.

mia loves henry miller

mia loves henry miller

Letter 9  Missing: Sexy, Black Bustier

Missing:  Sexy, Black Bustier

It’s been missing for almost two years – it simply disappeared

My Fredrick’s of Hollywood, sexy, black bustier

I don’t think I’ll ever forget how I lost–somewhere in the wintry frost

One of my favorite pieces of seductive lingerie

His wife was out of town for two nights – He bought me a short, pleated skirt – off white

Finally together – my lover and I had a sinful slice of quality time

My panties still get very wet – whenever I think of it – I sweat

So I told myself that I must put this erotic time into rhyme

I was a passenger in his car, unknowing – demanding, “Where are we going?”

I can still hear myself ask in frustration to this day

I remember it was snowing – I asked yet again, “Where…

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