mia loves henry miller – Letter 30 – Black, Patent Leather, Thigh High Boots, A Matching Corset, and Being a Submissive Play Toy for Valentine’s Day

mia loves henry miller

Letter 30 – Black, Patent Leather, Thigh High Boots, A Matching Corset, and Being a Submissive Play Toy for Valentine’s Day

“TO PAINT IS TO LOVE AGAIN. IT’S ONLY WHEN WE LOOK WITH EYES OF love that we see as the painter sees. His is a love, moreover, which is free of possessiveness.  What the painter sees he is duty bound to share. Usually he makes us see and feel what ordinarily we ignore or are immune to.” —Henry Miller, Paint as you like and die happy

1/25/12 – 11:04 p.m.

Dear Henry Miller,

I just returned to my suburban home from the city loft.  I had another amazing, erotic, kinky night with Mr. B.  I love the way he makes me orgasm and orgasm and orgasm and orgasm.  It definitely eased my headache – at least for now.  I love how the natural body can produce pain blockers with sexual activity.  Sex is such an amazing sensation, when it is done well.

Ever since I was younger, in my early to mid twenties, I have had a polyamorous mentality.  I’ve been capable of engaging in threesomes with males and females with a certain comfort level deep within.  Yet, still have the strong bond of love with my partner.  It’s something that has always felt natural to me.  Mr. D.A., my first husband, definitely could not handle my adventurous sexual side.  We attempted a threesome with a guy at the beginning of our marriage, and a threesome with a girl, near the end.  Mr. D.A. could not keep his erection.  He did not like sharing me with others.  However, I’m sure he did his share of fucking other girls when I wasn’t around.

1/25/12 11:45p.m.

I need to get some sleep. Good night Henry!

1/26/12 7:45 a.m.

Good Morning Henry.  I still have a stupid fucking headache.  It went away for awhile last night after sex, but it is here again this morning.   So, I will do my best to distract myself from this pain by writing to you for awhile.

Early into my second marriage with Mr. C, numerous months before we first attended Ground Zero nightclub, I asked him about his thoughts about us engaging in sexual activity with other couples or other women.  Mr. C was very open – minded about it.  He was intrigued by my suggestion and curious enough to explore it and journey forward. I was pleased, aroused and excited that we would soon be engaging in a new sexual adventure.

(I will write to you soon, hopefully in the next letter, about my first swingers encounter, shortly after I left Mr. D.A. and long before I met Mr. C – which gave me the knowledge of clubs in this genre in the twin cities area.)

For several weeks, Mr. C and I would research swinger’s web sites and personal ads online.  We finally decided on one club. It was the same club I was somewhat familiar with. The membership price was high, but, we both felt it was well worth it for the experience.  We hardly ever went out and felt we needed to splurge on our personal entertainment, at least once per month. We attended several monthly parties, observing gorgeous women on the dance floor, dressed so sexily or sensually, and a variety of men of all different looks, shapes, sizes arriving alone, or with their beautiful wives or dates.

For the first few dances, we attended just to observe, possibly get to know some of the other couples, and dance.  I absolutely love to dance!  Having the opportunity to get out of the house and dress sexy was another plus.  Being a full time writer, artist and house wife and mother,  at this time in my life, I didn’t get many opportunities to dress up and let loose on the dance floor.  Sometimes the dancing got pretty hot between me and numerous other beautiful women, and a few men upon the dance floor.  We definitely danced erotically and pushed our limits as far as we could go, without getting kicked off the dance floor and out of the party.

It was our first Swinger’s Themed Valentine’s Day dance, many years ago. We were supposed to wear something red. That was the dress theme for the night.  Of course, I wouldn’t conform to the norm and wore something sexy, sensual, black and little.  Mr. C and I sat at a round table next to a handsome man and a beautiful woman – both appeared to be in their mid forties.  They appeared easily approachable, intelligent and classy.  I will call this couple Mr. K and Mrs. R.  Mrs. R’s body was firm, tall, and lean. She had beautiful breasts, which peeked above her tight fitting dress.  She looked amazing at her age – extremely attractive. Mr. K was also very handsome, who radiated a warm aura, and possessed salt and pepper colored hair that gave him a dignified appearance.  Mr. C and I were immediately attracted to both of them. The four of us clicked well together. They had just moved to Minneapolis – previously living in St. Louis, Mo.

Together, the four us talked for quite some time, easily relating to each other. Sometimes, Mrs. R and I would dance together, very close, and very seductively upon the dance floor.  I liked that she was older and more confident with her sexuality. I was only in my early thirties, and wasn’t as experienced sexually with women, but, extremely curious to learn more.  I had only been with two women previously. Towards, the end of the dance, Mr. K asked Mr. C and me, if we’d like to get a hotel room and play after the dance.   Mr. C and I agreed.  We were definitely interested in taking our evening further.

“I slipped two more fingers inside her cunt and quietly stretched my length beside her. I put an arm under her head and drew her gently to me, my fingers still deftly churning the juices that were seeping from her.” –Henry Miller, Sexus, Volume Three  

It was well after 1:00 a.m. when we get settled into a hotel room, inside the hotel where the dance was being held.   We took things slowly, smoking cigarettes or a fat joint, or drinking wine to relax us, relieving my anxiety about my first intimate encounter with our new friends.   Mr. C and I have never done anything like this before together.  We have only fantasized or talked about it.  What I thought was so great about this couple, was that we were all like minded and kinky.  Mr. K and Mrs. R were definitely not your vanilla sex people – which comforted me.   I was excited to start playing.

Suddenly, I became the focus of attention.  It felt almost awkward being pawed, petted and stroked for so long by several hands, some of them new and unfamiliar – which only heightened my thrill.  Mr. K and Mrs. R reclined me down upon the bed and began to slowly strip me, admiring my breasts, pinching them, stroking them, sucking them, and licking them.

I felt like a toy on display, as they dressed me like a kinky Barbie doll into shiny, black, patent leather thigh high boots, and a matching shiny, black patent leather corset, which they tied very tight, making it difficult for me to take long, deep breaths. My small perky breasts were exposed bare and so was my wet, aching sex.  I felt so sexy in this outfit!  My shopping budget for clothes this fucking fabulous and sexy, was very low at this time in my life.  I would never have been able to afford an outfit like this.  So, I luxuriated in this amazing attire, savoring its shiny, sexy feel for as long as I could.

The activity around me continued to energetically hum and erotically buzz.  Soon, I was wearing four black leather cuffs with carabiners jingling upon the large metal rings on the ankle and wrist cuffs.  Long, colorful rope was being strung through the metal carabiners as if pearls, and my arms and legs were now being splayed wide and bound tightly to the frame of the hotel bed. My excitement became more powerful – more intense.  My breath rate increasing, second by second.

Mr. K and Mrs. R showered my body with so much physical attention, as well as verbal compliments about my body, making me moan and embarrassingly blush.  Sometimes Mr. K spanked the exposed, wet flesh between my legs.  The sting of his slap felt exhilarating. They whispered hotly near my ear about how sexy I appeared and what they were going to do to me.  Their hands, fingers, tongue and lips soothed my torrid sex and stiff nipples. My moans were silenced by a red ball gag.  I was quiet, helpless, vulnerable to people I hardly knew, which made this scene even more mysterious and titillating.  My chest heaved up and down again, fast from my thrill, apprehension and anticipation.

The attention I was receiving suddenly ceased, they left me there upon the bed to observe Mr. K and Mr. C give Mrs. R some well needed attention, each of them caressing and sucking on her beautiful breasts.  She stared at me with lust and felicity glinting in her mesmerizing blue eyes.  She was so fucking beautiful!  I wanted to kiss her so bad!

I continued to observe as Mr. C reclines Mrs. R upon the bed next to me; his head disappearing between her spread legs.  Mr. K removed my ball gag and was inserting his large cock into my mouth.  I shut my eyes listening to Mrs. R’s moans of gratification, arousal and lust.  I knew Mr. C was performing magic on her, which aroused me even more.  Mr. K grunted and moaned as his cock, which was growing harder and harder, pumped in and out of my moist, eager mouth.  My sex was glossy and slick; my aperture opening and shutting, opening and shutting, as if a hungry mouth, hoping for something to eat.

I was thinking about Mr. C’s hands and tongue. I knew what he could do to a woman.  I definitely knew what his fingers and tongue could do for me!  I envied Mrs. R and the skillful tongue lashing she was receiving, as I remain bound to the bed, sucking on an unfamiliar cock – my sex completely saturated and throbbing for some more attention.

“…She began to scream when O, dividing the lips fringed with pale hair, set quietly and slowly to biting the tiny inflamed morsel of flesh protruding from the cowl formed by the juncture of those sweet and delicate little labia.” –Pauline Reage, The Story of O

I now moan loudly, feeling a dainty, female tongue flicking lightly upon the tip of my clitoris. Mrs. R was licking my clit as Mr. C fucked her from behind.  The bottoms of my feet tingle with a salacious hotness and my toes curl tight with erotic rapture.  Her cold, delicate fingers slip deeply into my contracting sex.  My eyes blur, rolling towards the top of my head, when several of her fingers now press upon the most sensitive areas inside my torrid cunt.  Her long, curly, blonde hair tickles the insides of my inner thighs. Her luscious tongue still licks my pussy. Her head moves from side to side and then bobs up and down, increasing the sensual sensation between my trembling legs with the caressing of her hair.  Sometimes  I can hear her moan from the deep fucking she is receiving.  I greedily suck in air when I feel Mr. K join his wife between my thighs, his fingers now adeptly twisting, turning, thrusting, curling, and fucking the depths of my swollen greedy walls of pink flesh.  My head thrashed from side to side; my hair is in my face, partially blinding my sight – my body shudders with each orgasm that pulses through me.

I turn my head to my left side and now observe Mr. C lying on his back on the bed, and Mrs. R sucking upon Mr. C’s stiff, virile cock. It turns me on to see another woman’s lips upon my husband’s rigid flesh.  I hope that he is enjoying this.  By the smile on his face, he seems to be. I am pleased. My back arches high when I feel Mr. K pound his raging hard on deeply into me.  The stronger, faster and deeper the thrusts, the louder I moan.  Mr. K’s sweaty hips are slamming into my smooth pelvis.  He’s penetrating me deeper and deeper into my drenched slit, which makes a distinct, wet sound when our bodies collide.   I think Mr. K may have taken a little blue pill, so it’s not so easy to make him come.

Eventually, I feel Mr. C come to my rescue.  His warm, familiar lips deeply kiss me.  Immediately, I feel comforted. Mr. K is now with his wife, they are playing next to us on the bed.  Mr. K is spanking Mrs. R’s tight, little ass.  She’s moaning from the pleasure.  Suddenly, my arms strain tightly against the restraints, when I feel Mr. C’s mouth madly devour my aching, lusty, needy, greedy sex.  He made my hips buck with intensity, my legs twitch hard when his tongue flicks a certain sensitive spot on my clitoris, and my toes curl with extreme ecstasy.  Mr. C knew just how to make me squeal, moan and cry from an overload of pleasure.  I was over the edge horny!  I wanted to devour his entire hand with my vaginal walls, when I felt several of his fingers began to dance deep inside of me. My body shuddered rapturously over and over again, as Mr. C continued to finger fuck me.  Mr. K and Mrs. C were now intently observing us.  I was floating on a euphoric cloud of sexual bliss!

Mr. C unbound me from the bed, quickly flipping my legs over both of his strong shoulders and fucked me fast, deep and furious.  The earth shaking sensation drove me insane!  My eyes blurred, my moans increased, reverberating throughout the hotel room, my hands tightly grasped the sheets of the bed, wrinkling them with my damp hands.  I was drowning in a sensual sea of ecstasy.  Mrs. R revived me by kissing my lips and vehemently entangling her tongue with mine.  Mr. K was stroking his cock and pinching my nipples with his other hand.  I was on sensory overload.  I thought that my body would explode into a million pieces when Mr. C and I finally climaxed.  This experience was so fucking incredible!

It was after 4 in the morning, when we finally cleaned up, got dressed and started to say our goodbyes.  I had an amazing time! Even though I was extremely tired, I felt energized by this new experience.

“…there is an absolute, and that must be in the heart. We must all meet, everyone who has something in common with another, in this domain where there is absolute trust, confidence, loyalty, integrity. If not, everything crumbles away.” –Henry Miller, A Literate Passion

“These are for you,” Mrs. R said, handing me the pair of shiny, black patent leather, thigh high books I had been wearing, and a black, under the breasts, corset.

“Really?” I asked – my eyes wide with disbelief.  I can’t believe how kind some people can be – especially Mrs. R.  Her generosity warmed me on the inside in a non-sexual way.  I felt like I had just made a new friend.

I gave Mrs. R a huge hug and a long kiss, “Thank you so much!  You are amazing!”  I felt so grateful for these new friends and items.  To this day, I still have both the boots and the corset.  And whenever I wear them, I think about that highly erotic Valentine’s Day, with our new friends, so many years ago.  Today, I often wonder about Mr. K and Mrs. R.

We remained friends with them for quite some time, experiencing more sexual encounters.  Eventually, our lives and their lives became too busy and we lost touch with each other.   I genuinely miss some of the people I have met along my journey.

I must end this letter Henry.  I have some show stuff I need to take care of. And then I’m going to take a nap and try to get rid of this freakin’ headache!

Much Love,


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