mia loves henry miller – Letter 29 – Early Birthday Surprises, Sybians and Sex Machines

mia loves henry miller

Letter 29 – Early Birthday Surprises, Sybians and Sex Machines

“Suddenly, without let or warning, a dynamo broke loose inside her.  Every particle of her molten being was convulsed with shuddering raptures.” –Henry Miller, Crazy Cock

1/23/12 – 9:51 p.m.

Dear Henry Miller,

I’m finally getting the chance to write a kinkier story. However, I felt the need to tell you about Mr. Cali Man, in order to make sense of my upcoming letters. I’ve been itching to write about my highly erotic, Saturday night, ever since it occurred.  I had an amazing weekend!  I’m still feeling high from it. I told Mr. C that I wanted new, kinky memories for my birthday.  I desire more explicit content for my letters to you. I wanted something sexual, sensual and so very naughty.

“When I think of sex I think of it as a universe, part unknown, mysterious, possibly forever unknowable.” –Henry Miller, The World of Sex 

I arrived at the loft early on Saturday morning, so I could get a head start on cleaning it for our upcoming evening and guests.  Mr. C will meet me here later in the afternoon. We are signing our third lease for our loft, and this was the first time that we were entertaining guests here, which was our main intention when we initially rented it.  My mind daydreamed of what might happen later that night as I cleaned.  My aroused body craved for our upcoming evening.  I could hardly wait.

Mr. B, husband No. 2, does not live very fair from my loft.  He stopped over for a little while, before heading to his downtown office to do some work.  He has an approaching deadline for an article he is writing for The New Yorker.  I told him vaguely about my erotic plans for the evening with Mr. C and two guests, Mr. Smart and Miss Sexy.  We had played with them at MJ’s party, several weeks ago.  I have known Mr. Smart for many years. I have always liked him.  He’s very creative, inspiring, funny, free spirited, and down to earth.  I met Miss Sexy for the first time at MJ’s party many weeks ago. I was immediately attracted to her.  She oozed with confident sensuality.  So, I was quite excited when Mr. C told me that they had accepted his invitation to play with us on Saturday night.

Discussing my upcoming, erotic evening with Mr. B was making him very horny!  I sometimes mention what might occur – piquing his curiosity.  He interrogated me with spankings and a barrage of hammering questions, which aroused me.  I love it when Mr. B pretends he’s a lawyer and interrogates me.  It gives me a kinky thrill because he’s so damn good at it.  I always feel like I’m an actress on Law and Order, and he is the powerful, mean lawyer.

1/23/12 – 10:09 p.m.

I’ve had a headache a majority of the day.  I’m feeling drowsy from fighting the pain for hours.  But, I wanted to start another letter to you and write a few paragraphs.  Unfortunately, I must end this letter Henry….head is pounding…  I promise to write tomorrow.  Good night.

1/24/12 9:28 a.m.

Good Morning Henry!  I still have a bit of a headache.  It’s continuing to  snow outside. I have been so busy promoting the next burlesque show this morning.  It seems that as soon as I feel recovered from one show, it’s time to get the next one in motion.  Someday, I’m going to be able to afford to hire someone to do all the show’s promotional work, so I can spend more time on the things I’m more passionate about – like having more time to rehearse my own burlesque numbers.  I don’t perform as much as I used to, due to time constraints and other obligations with my shows, art work and now writing.  Unfortunately, until I can afford to hire someone, the responsibility of producing a burlesque show is mine.

Back to my early, birthday surprise story…

Mr. B and I quickly played, fucking fast, before I rushed him out the door and ran a hot bath.  I’m such a dirty slut! But, I didn’t indulge in the tub for long.  I knew Mr. C would be arriving soon. For the next several hours, after Mr. C arrived, we got something to eat, went shopping for sexual accessories like condoms, lubricant, etc…  We drove to Har Mar Mall and purchased new black sheets and a really pretty black and white duvet.  We stopped at the grocery store, picking up some veggies, dip, deli meat, crackers, cheese, as well as beverages.  We spent the remainder of our time finishing cleaning the loft, putting new sheets on the bed and duvet, taking a bath, curling my hair, putting on some make – up and slipping something sexy on – a very feminine, black and white teddy with a matching, long, satin robe.

“…Behold the lovely lady,” said the valet as he entered. And he seized both her hands. He slipped one of the bracelet hooks into the other, so that her wrists were tightly joined, then clipped both these hooks to the ring of the necklace.” —Pauline Reage, The Story of O

The fireplace was glowing – flames dancing and flickering when Mr. Smart and Miss Sexy arrived.  They brought some very kinky toys with them.  I was curious, sneaking glances at the toys, as to how they would feel, as we talked for awhile, sitting in our cozy living room, getting more acquainted with each other.

Miss Sexy looked really pretty, wearing a short black sweater dress and knee high black boots. I observed intently when Mr. Smart secured her black wrist and ankle cuffs on her.  I could not stop staring at her. I love to look at pretty women! She has a very distinct, sexual aura, that’s difficult to ignore – reminding me of a sleek cat in heat.

One of the wanton toys was a Sybian, which I have tried before and absolutely love, and the other was a futuristic, high tech piece of machinery with a dildo attachment.  I had never seen nor tried anything like this before – an ingenious fucking machine, which hooks up to a computer or remote control. It reminded me of something you might see at the Museum of Sex in NYC.  The sexual beast inside of me was awakening when Miss Sexy told me how long she once used that machine for – two hours! I was getting very wet when Mr. C began to secure my black leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles, signaling to me that we were about to play.

There’s great relief in being sexually confident and a sexually experienced woman.  I didn’t hesitate to remove my silky robe and teddy, positioning my naked body upon a satin sheet, spread out on the floor, in front of the fireplace and our guests.  There was a moderate sized dildo attached to this high tech fucking machine which was now being inserted into my soaking wet, eager slit.  Miss Sexy tightly held my arms above my head.  It felt so sensual and arousing being held tightly in her grasp. Mr. C firmly held my hips and legs in position, inserting the moderate sized dildo, as Mr. Smart typed on his laptop keyboard and the fucking machine began thrusting in and out of me.

I luxuriated in this long, kinky, thrusting sensation.  Endorphins raced  fast in my bloodstream when Mr. C applied two silver, pinching devices upon each of my nipples.  A cold, silver chain dangled between the cruel clamps – their vicious grip was tormenting and highly titillating!  I felt dizzy and high.  The euphoria I felt between my legs over compensated for the agony I was feeling in my tortured nipples.

Sometimes the thrusting dildo pounded deeper inside of me, causing me to moan loudly with pleasure. Sometimes I almost sobbed from the excruciating bliss, and sometimes I almost burst out in laughter due to the immense joy I was feeling.  And sometimes this fake prick only teased me, pushing in only half of the way, frustrating me, causing me to groan with displeasure.  I yearned to push my hips downward – to drive the dildo deeper into me.  But, my restraints would not permit me. I verbally pleaded for more – I begged and begged.  My desperate pleas echoed through the loft. Miss Sexy kissed my lips, silencing me, until I gasped and moaned, feeling the thrusting dildo pound the extremely wet, stimulating areas, deep inside of me.

I love to feel the sensuous kiss of a woman!  She tasted so good.  Her sensuality intoxicated me. I felt consoled by a sensual flood of warmth, which she intensely radiated.  I adore intimacy with another female.  I loved touching, kissing and caressing this woman, as the fucking machine kept pounding and thrusting into me.  All of my cells and atoms zipped with electrifying endorphins, which exploded into a cluster of stars before my eyes.  My body rode upon multiple, high peaks of orgasmic waves, until I was drowning with too much ecstasy and I could withstand no more.  I begged for a break and sighed with relief when Mr. Smart made the fucking machine cease.  We all needed a short break.  But, I must tell you this, Henry, I was feeling so good from the intense orgasms!  I was extremely high!  I felt amazing!

So much went on, as we played on Saturday night, that it’s difficult for me to remember the exact sequence of events. So, pardon me Henry, if I don’t get it all right.  I’m sure the story will still be hot.  Miss Sexy unfortunately couldn’t participate in all events on this night, due to her monthly visit from her Aunt Flow.   So, I got a majority of the pleasure and pounding.  I felt sorry for her.  It always turns me on to observe another woman get off, or help her get off with my hands, fingers, toys and tongue.

“These were the external feelings of the bodies discovering each other.  From so much touching they grew drugged. Their gestures were slow and dreamlike.” –Anais Nin

After our break we were all on the satin sheet, before the fireplace, my legs spread wide…Mr. C was now fingering me with his hands, making me gush with wetness.  Miss Sexy’s mouth was sucking hard upon my erect, highly sensitive nipples.  Mr. Smart was stroking my skin, breasts, hair, and face.  Sometimes he ran his fingers near my mouth.  I gasp deeply for air when I feel Mr. C’s hand inch its entirety into me.  Miss Sexy was astounded, carefully observing my husband’s hand fuck me, causing my hips to buck with each extremely hard, mounting orgasm – with the adept movement of his hand, knuckles and thumb.  I continued to concentrate on the sensual touches Mr. Smart was pleasuring me with, to keep my body as relaxed as possible.  It was better to be relaxed when you are about to be fisted, so I concentrated on my breathing –deeply inhale – slowly exhale… Each time Mr. Smart’s fingers neared my mouth; I desperately craved to suck his cock.  Only, I didn’t know how to assert myself and tell him this.

My body jerked hard with one last shuddering orgasm, when Mr. C eventually removed his hand from my soaking wet sex.  I became more aroused when I felt Miss Sexy insert her smaller framed hand deep inside of me, finger by finger.  I succumbed, doing my best to relax my quivering, velvet walls of flesh, so I could permit her hand to slide easily inside.  My eyes were now rolling towards the top of my head from extreme pleasure.  A surging string of strong orgasms moved through me, causing my vaginal walls to grip tightly onto Miss Sexy’s hand, as she thrust and wiggled it; her dainty fingers pressing deep within me, upon very sensitive nerve areas.  The sensation was mind-blowing, exhilarating, and so fucking awesome!  I was in “La La” Land!  Dazed and dumbfounded!

1/24/12 10:58 a.m.

I must take a short break….I will write later this afternoon.

1/24/12 6:00 p.m.

My headache hasn’t subsided.  It’s gotten worse.  I hate to mention the physical pain I’m in.  However, I wanted you to know some of the challenges I face each day.  And the obstacles I need to overcome just to write to you.  I will do my best to write a few more paragraphs. I find that it’s better to write something each day, than nothing at all.

“You want to know whether I have touched myself. Sure; all girls have. If they say they haven’t, they lie; the silly fools. Why should we have pleasure when it’s so easy?” –Frank Harris

I floated upon a sensual cloud, drifting in and out of carnal rapture, experiencing a woman’s slim, elegant hand thrust, wiggle and move deep inside of me. My gratified moans increased in volume when I felt her moist, eager tongue flick firmly upon my stiff, swollen clitoris.  Her smooth, wet tongue felt so good.  I was in heaven, feeling large orgasmic swells move through me like a massive tsunami.   Mr. S restricted my movement by gripping my hands tightly far above my head.  Sometimes I felt his pinching fingers upon my very sore nipples, which had been released from the tight, silver clamps.  Sometimes he soothed me with soft caresses upon my bare chest, breasts, neck, face and hair, making me purr and moan with sultry satisfaction.  This was definitely a moment to remember.  But, I was also hoping that I was offering something to the people I played with as well.  I wanted to generate a certain kind of energy that makes other’s feel good for making me feel so good.  I wanted their night to be as memorable as mine.

1/24/12 9:02 p.m.

I must end this letter for now…good night Henry!

1/25/12 10:05 p.m.

Good Morning Henry.   I still have a headache.  The pain is making me crabby.  I’m hoping that I can find some relief with Mr. B tonight.

I arrived to the loft just a little bit ago.  The fireplace is on, my laptop is on, and I’m ready to tell you the rest of my story.

After Mr. C gave Miss Sexy lessons on how to fist me, which felt pretty kinky and amazing, we took another well needed break.  Afterwards, I got to try the Sybian – Yay!  I love this amazing sex machine!  I had only used it a few times prior to this moment.  Mr. C made sure that I was bound securely to this lecherous toy with restraints.  I was not going to get away quickly when things got too intense or became too over stimulating.  I was now riding upon an 18 horse powered vibrator (It’s not really 18 horse powered – it just feels like it).  Enormous surges of hot, orgasmic energy overpowered me.  My moans increased in volume and intensity.  My body shuddered over and over again, until I could take no more.  It felt like I had been riding on this toy forever.  The intense vibration of the Sybian was sky rocketing me to the moon.   I orbited several times around it, just by my pure orgasmic energy.  I felt explosive!

Sometimes Mr. C or Mr. Smart would pinch my nipples, reminding me of their recent torture with the cruel, metal clamps.  My face grimaced in agony – my body convulsed with orgasms – my hot, sordid juice dripped down the sides of the base of the Sybian.  I finally pleaded for them to stop the machine.  I was almost sobbing in tears.  The intensity was far too much.  My pleasure was transcending into agony.  I could take no more!

“Please, please, please stop!” I begged a loud, repetitively.  Finally, Mr. C releases me from my restraints and helped me dismount this glorious toy.  My body felt weak, but so very satisfied.   When I returned from the bathroom I saw that Miss Sexy’s was in a hog tied predicament, fully clothed in her short, black dress.  She looked so beautiful and vulnerable nearby the fire.  Mr. S was pressing my Hitachi wand hard against her clit, through her panties.  It was the best he could do for her with her visit from Aunt Flow.

I found it very arousing to observe this erogenous scene.  The look of bliss on her face was glorious.  Eventually, Mr. C joined in the fun by firmly prying Miss Sexy’s thighs far apart with his dominant hands.  I became wet with arousal just watching the interaction between Mr. Smart, Mr. C and Miss Sexy, and the serene, intoxicated look upon Miss Sexy’s face – she looked so beautiful caught in the throes of ecstasy.  I added some sensuality into the mix, caressing the side of her beautiful face and stroking her soft, blonde hair.  Sometimes my fingers lightly caressed the soft skin on her back.  We all had a beautiful connection going on – pleasing Miss Sexy in a variety of ways.  I was happy that she wasn’t completely missing out on things due to her unfortunate, monthly visit.

“From midnight till dawn, which began to lighten the eastern sky at about five, as the moon waned and descended toward the west, people came up to her several times, and some even touched her…” –Pauline Reage, The Story of O

“The evening would come to an end. Everybody was shaking hands, some were kissing each other good-bye, kissing good-naturedly, spontaneously, as though it were nothing at all.” –Henry Miller, The World of Sex

I am unsure of what time it was when we finally ended our fun for the night.  I know it was very late when I climbed into bed with Mr. C.  I snuggled up closely to his warm body, in between our new sheets and duvet.  We had no dogs in our bed to interrupt our closeness. It felt so good to be snuggled up so close to him, just him and I and no furry, four-legged friends.

“Thank you,” I said to Mr. C, kissing him passionately on his lips. “I had an amazing time.  It’s the best birthday gift ever!”  I attempted to demonstrate my gratitude to Mr. C by making love to him.  I tried, but I was so sore and exhausted from all of our hours of previous play.  Not to mention my quickie fuck by Mr. B early Saturday morning.  Being fisted twice in one night can instill major soreness.  So can the pounding I took by two amazing toys.  I disengaged my body from Mr. C’s when I could no longer fuck him, due to my soreness and sensitivity. We eventually ceased, and I drifted deep into sleep.  I had no energy left to feel bad about Mr. C not having an orgasm.   I put, “give Mr. C a morning blow job” on my mental list before passing out.

I loved being held close in my husband’s arms as we slept throughout the night.  We don’t get many opportunities to do so, due to our four dogs.  In the morning, I made sure that he had the opportunity to orgasm.  I wanted to make sure that I had graciously thanked him for a wonderful evening and birthday surprise.  I did not intend on leaving the loft until Mr. C had a mind-blowing orgasm!

I felt amazing on our way home to the suburbs.  Mr. C and I were finally finding our sexual groove again.  Year 2012 seems as if it will be a very sexual year for us.  And I welcome more to come with wide, open legs! I love to experience new, sexual adventures! Sex is what keeps me feeling like a finely tuned instrument.

I used to avoid sexual intimacy like the plague.  I had so much fear built up inside of me like a high brick wall.  It’s finally nice to feel so liberated and positive about sex and exploring my fantasies. I generally keep most people at an arm’s distance.  It feels empowering to let others into my life, share extreme intimacy with them, and explore our fantasies together in a safe environment.

I must end this letter Henry.  I need to get into the bath. I’m at the loft.  Mr. B should be arriving soon.

Much Love,


“However….let us say we meet a woman. We enter into her. Everything is changed. What changed? We do not know precisely. It seems as if everything had changed. It might be that we never see the woman again, or it might be that we never separate. She may lead us to hell or she may open doors of the world for us. Or she may give us the itch to know other women, thousands of women, millions of women.” –Henry Miller, The World of Sex

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